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Testing Capability

Testing optical quality parameters and system behavior form component manufacturing up to the system integrator is an important means of ensuring that a components or circuit will be commissioned with the right specification and will deliver robust performance for many years.

Our high capability R&D term with high-performance facilitates and advanced equipment to perform high reliability optical measurement and testing

Fiber Optic Device testing

Laboratory test :

Performed for new component technologies and researching new optical system.

QA and manufacturing test :

All testing are performed to ensure that components meet specification and to obtain additional critical test data. Include insertion loss, accuracy and back-reflection measurement and bandwidth etc.
           These tests would be performed under the same Bellcore environmental condition to ensure operation in extreme environment


Type of Tests:

I. Component test:measurement of Optical Fiber and two port optical component Insertion loss(dB) Return loss (dB) Polarization Dependent Loss( PDL) (dB) Polarization Mod Dispersion(PMD) (dB) Bandwidth (dB) 

II. System testsSystem to noise ratio (SNR) Crosstalk Wavelength                            - Absolute wavelength                            - Wavelength stabliltiy Optical Power                            - Absolute Power                            - Power Stability Dynamic range


Characterization of device

All the tests could be operated in an automated test environment in order to achieve high efficiency and reliable result.

General characterization

  • Measuring optical power, insertion loss or return loss for single or multimode component

  • Perform precise, sensitive, stable and fast power measurement.

  • Offering industry leading measurement accuracy and dynamic range.

  • Measurement of wavelength separation (GHz or nm), power density, and optical signal to noise ratio

Optical Attenuation

  • Single mode and multimode application.

  • Measure component and system sensitivity against reflections.

  • Desired return loss selection performance up to 60dB.

  • Attenuation accuracy typically better than + 0.05dB with a polarization sensitivity of less than 0.02dB peak to peak.

DWDM Characterization

  • Characterizing DWDM components and multiple channel system, especially in manufacturing environment with speed, accuracy and throughput at critical.

  • WDM Channel Analyzing

  • High performance Michelson interferometer based channel analyzer of installation, commissioning maintenance and monitoring of DWDM system.

  • Accurate and complete characterization of up to 200 simultaneous optical carries

  • Extremely accurate measurement s of channel wavelenght, powers and optical signal to noise ratio

  • Measurement of Channel spacing and drift

  • Verify the wavelengths of system

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