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Manufacturing Processes


The Photonic Manufacturing Service Ltd. Is equipped world-class equipments to

manufacture high performance fiber optic components

which are including planar lightwave products, pigtail type mini-size micro-optic components

 and butterfly packaging . Our full-spectrum of manufacturing processes are ready to do the

packaging for your unique fiber optic products & sub-systems.

With our volume production experience of:

Planar Lightwave products :

  • 1xN PLC Power Splitters

  • 2xN PLC Power Splitters

  • PLC Thermo & Athermal AWGs

  • PLC type VOA

  • PLC type Switches

Micro-Optic Products :

  • Minit Type Isolator.

  • WDM Filter.



Butterfly Packaging Products :

  • Pump Laser

  • SOA

  • Micro-Optics Products.

  • Pigtail Type Isolator.


Leveraging PM extensive process and engineering capability from photonic Wafer processing, micro optics to fiberoptics components and function optical modules, optical parts to optical assembly, passive to active assemblies, PM provides optimized packaging solutions to your product development, contract manufacturing, and technical transfer projects.
 PM's packaging solutions that are vertically integrated with our manufacturing, logistics, component, and functional module technologies to optimize customers' engineering, production ramp-up, and operations by competitive costs and reducing time to market.


Precision Cleaning

The Application of the state-of-the-art high precision and effective cleaning methods such as mega sonic cleaning, snow CO2 jet cleaning, and plasma cleaning, enables us to remove sub-micron foreign materials and any form of contaminations on the surfaces to be assembled and hence to ensure high product performance and reliability.


Ultra Precision Machining

Due to the harsh sub-micron positional accuracy requirement in fiber optics component manufacturing,

fabrication of photonic components such as Pyrex v-groove substrate for fiber array and optical workbench is

critical in achieving high quality products with minimal insertion loss. Solutions can be provided with our

 sub-micron precision machining technology.

Automatics Alignment System

Equipped with the powerful NEWPORT automatic alignment system, highly flexible optical alignment with 6 degree of freedom (automatic) in nano-scale resolution, both actively and passively, can be achieved in very short time. Our experienced engineer can hence perform alignment for any types of component/module configurations, within the specified tolerance from you.



NANO-Scale Pitch Measurement System

To fulfill the customer quality requirement - our ultimate target and commitment, we equipped with

 the SURUGA Core-Pitch Pro. measurement system, which enforce us to measure the component

fiber core-pitch with accuracy down to 0.03mm before assembling the modules.




Optical Grade Polishing 

End-face surface finishing is a critical factor in determining the coupling loss of a photonic component. Our extensive experience and fundamental knowledge in material surface preparation and finishing, together with the ENGIS high precision optical polishing system, enable us to provide PC, APC, UPC, and FC end-face configuration which compliance with the Telcordia GR-326-CORE end-face quality requirement.


Laser Welding

Thanks to the Newport's LaserWeld automated packaging workstation, we are able to perform fully automated optical alignment, device characterization, and laser welding processing for 980nm pump and DFB laser diode assembly, and any DIP or Butterfly package applications.



Flip Chip Bonding 

For the laser diode attachment on the submount of various active photonic packages, we have equipped high precision die bonders with a placement accuracy of 5 microns or better. Moreover, to keep pace with the high growth photonic market, we have also equipped fully automated flip chip bonders  (ESEC Micron 2) with high throughput, high accuracy and high flexibility to suit for the high volume production demand.

Die and Wire Bonding 

Meeting the challenges of the photonic packaging industry's increasing demand for higher productivity in the coming future, we have equipped an ESEC fully automated wire bonder and K&S wire ball bonders to provide outstanding wire bonding services. Our wire bonders provide versatile production capabilities for your bonding applications from simple discrete devices to complex hybrid devices.


Hermetic Sealing

In order to achieve a better reliability and greatly enhance the life of your photonic products, we have equipped the state-of-the-art hermetic sealing facility to provide hermetically weld and solder seal ceramic, stainless steel, Kovar? and other metal packages. We can assemble and seal your product in an inert atmosphere with moisture and oxygen monitoring.

Assembling Method

With in-depth knowledge in various joining materials such as solder, polymer, glue, adhesive etc., we are able to manage various types of component snap fixing methodology including UV and thermal cure adhesive fixing, soldering, laser welding etc. - definitely with minimal shrinking, mis-alignment and residual stress.


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